Does your organization need volunteers? Would like to find a way of rewarding existing volunteers?

We can help! The Southeastern Massachusetts Time Exchange can help match organizations in need of assistance with people who can provide it.  Examples of support include:

- fundraise and design promotional materials

- clean, paint and repair facilities

- provide help at home and companionship to clients

- landscape and maintain building grounds

- answer phones and do other office work

- staff and organize events

By using the Time Exchange, organizations can:

- connect with the community

- save money

- access a diverse database of helpers

- reduce the work load for volunteer coordinators and other staff

The Time Exchange can catalog individuals’ and organizations’ strengths, skills, and willingness to help others, and then link these organizations and individuals together to help meet their respective needs.

Time Exchange members receive credits for their service, called ‘time-credits’. Any member who helps another member earns one time-credit per hour, which can then be spent on needed services from individuals or organizations in the network. Every member’s time is equal and there is no monetary equivalent associated with time dollars. We would help your organizations spend time dollars before they start earning them – Time Exchange members can fluctuate between positive and negative time dollar balances.

If your organization is interested in joining the Southeastern Massachusetts Time Exchange, email us at [email protected] or call us at (1)774-955-0551.